Get and Give a Million

get and give a million

Most business owner think accountants are a necessary but rather annoying expense. Their only real use is to keep the even more annoying tax man off your back!

Well, as you would imagine, we beg to differ, and to help show others what we mean we have launched our ‘Get and Give Million’ initiative.

Get and Give a Million is a free initiative that helps you as a business owner to do two really important things:

  1. Make life better for you, your business and your loved ones – this is the “Get A Million” part.
  2. Play a bigger game – so you have more of an impact, you create more of a legacy and you make more of a difference by supporting the UN Global Goals in order to make the world a better place (this is the “Give A Million” part.


It is totally free. And there are no strings, catches or hidden agendas.

Why are we doing this?

Quite simply because we know we can make a real impact on the lives of business owners. An impact that flows over into their families, communities, economies and the wider world. An impact that will help to make the world a better place for us all.

Many wonderful people are already on board. Come and join us.

What is it all about?

We have set two targets:

  1. Get a Million – To help business owners get an extra £1 million.
  2. Give A Million - To help the UN achieve its Global Goals by creating a million micro-impacts and smiles for people less fortunate than us.


How does it work?

Business owners come in for a FREE Get and Give A Million meeting. And during it we use our skills as great accountants to identify new ways to add thousands, and possibly even hundreds of thousands of pounds, to your business and personal bank accounts.

What’s more, you’ll leave the meeting with:

  • A detailed action plan.
  • A clear understanding of your three top priorities.
  • And a very special gift that will put a smile on your face.

And, it is all yours completely free of charge. With no strings. No hidden agenda. And no selling.

And even better, we will make our contribution to the wider world though B1G1. This is a global giving movement supported by several thousand small businesses and their Accountants.

Want to find out how we are getting on?

The targets we have set are long term goals. You can see the small steps we have been making via our B1G1 profile page and you can even help us to go faster by making a small donation and a big positive impact on the lives of others. Many thanks!

You can see our progress so far:

get and give a million

Would a million help?

If it would, you can arrange your free meeting by calling 01324 633550, emailing or booking here.