We don’t mean to brag, but by the above definition, we’re definitely ‘good accountants’. For as long as we can remember, we’ve been passionate about helping business owners take control of their businesses with rock solid accountancy and financial planning.

Without the right numbers in place, you haven’t got a proper grip on your business, but unfortunately, for many business owners, the numbers are the last thing they think about.

The reality is that for lots of businesses – especially start-ups – accountancy is at the bottom of their priority list, which is probably why half of all UK start-ups fail in the first five years.

We know it’s not shiny, sexy or snazzy; but accountancy matters, a lot. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses, taking them from some pretty rocky places and helping them all the way to financial freedom – after all, that’s why we’re all in business right?

You might love what you do, but if it’s not allowing you to live the life that you want to lead, then you need to make some changes. And if your current accountant isn’t helping you with those changes (or you haven’t even got an accountant!), then it’s time to take action.

When you’re ready, we’d love to chat. We work on a bespoke basis with every single client; there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach here, so the very first thing we’d want to do is to have a no-strings conversation, telling you a bit more about us, what we do and – crucially - finding out a lot more about your business.

If we’re not for you at that point, that’s cool, at least you’ll have done something that most of your competitors will never bother to do – taken a proactive step towards improving your business.


I would like to say thanks for your time and commitment to mentoring me and undoubtedly helping my business grow over the last year. You've been great at pointing out and directing me about figures and cash flow,… making these small changes has made a huge difference. In regards to family business issues, I feel that the fact.. that you were a good listener, with … good key points and suggestions, helped me leaps and bounds . In respect of your NPL knowledge and mindset on this, you have created a winning and priceless combination for helping business grow and flourish

Brian JBR Roofing


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