Business strategies: being busy isn’t always a good thing

Business Strategies

You know the people I’m on about. You ask how they’re doing and you’re met with: “I’m swamped.” “Last night I was at work until midnight.” “It’s a madhouse here.” “I’ve got so many deadlines.”

I’ve got something to tell you: everybody’s busy.

I’m not exactly saying it’s bad to be busy. I’m just saying don’t tell anyone.

Why’s this?

Well when you tell people you’re busy, it can translate into some unintentional things. Such as:

“I’m so busy I can’t take on anything else.” Or, “I’m too busy to talk to you." 

Perhaps it’s a client getting ready to offer you a new project. Or maybe a business contact who hears how busy you are may think twice before inviting you to a potentially profitable networking event, or about introducing you to a new referral.

In other words, you could lose potential business.

Now I don’t know of many SMEs that will turn away reasonable new business, but it’s highly possible that the words “I’m busy” will do just that.

A better business strategy would be to say something like this: “I’ve got some projects on the go, but I’m always open to new possibilities.” Or, “I’ve brought in some external help to free up my time a little.”

So now you sound busy without sounding over-booked! Leave the door open. Don’t accidentally slam the door in the face of your next big opportunity.

How often do you say or hear “I’m busy” in your work and personal life? Maybe it’s time to start making some small changes to your business.

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