Data Protection Changes

Data protection changes

You have probably heard of GDPR by now. It stands for the General Data Protection Regulations which update the UK Data Protection laws and come into force from 25 May 2018. In many respects the laws remain the same but there are several important updates.

The GDPR does apply to small businesses and we have been working our way through what it means for us and our clients for a few weeks now.

We have found it can be complex and time consuming to get to grips with the details and/or expensive to get expert help. So, we wanted to share with you the most useful tool we found in the hope that it helps you navigate what needs to be done.

It's the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) 12 Step Guide which focuses on what you NEED TO DO NOW to be ready for 25 May deadline. We are following this guide and I am feeling much more confident about being compliant by 25 May this year.

The ICO also has a special helpline Tel: 0303123 1113 if you need particular advice.