Growth is essential to any business, here's a little insight...

Growth is Essential

I’ve seen small businesses limit themselves by neglecting to invest in things they don’t think are necessary... but a few things are essential to growth.

What are the business essentials you’re missing? What’s an example of something you could be taking advantage of?

Training is a good business strategy.

Whether it’s to help your employees grow into their current position, or simply find more efficient ways to work, you should provide your team the opportunity for growth when they want to be better at their job.

Surveys show that when asked what their greatest work-related frustration is, 55% of employees said it’s a “lack of growth opportunities.” Employees thrive on professional growth, so denying them this leads to developmental stagnation and they’ll eventually find another employer who’ll cultivate their skills.

Rather than expanding their wealth of skills, some employees just want to feel better at their jobs.

They don’t just want to do their job; they want to be good at it. As many as a quarter of employees say they would be happier with their job if they were given the opportunity to do what they do best.

If a team member wants to be a better worker, a better employee, give them opportunity to do so.

Being a small business doesn’t mean thinking small.

If anything, it means thinking bigger. With each employee making up a larger portion of your productivity, it makes sense to invest in them, and ultimately help your business to grow and develop. 

Sometimes this means taking tips from the leading giants of your industry, but usually it means finding the right way to grow for you, your staff and your business– and that’s exactly what we at Robertson Associates can help you with.

We can provide you with even more business strategies, ideas and consultations to suit you and your business.

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