Things to think about when choosing your Cloud Based Accounting Software

cloud based accounting

At Robertson Associates, we are always banging on about ‘’knowing your business numbers to grow your business numbers’’ We do this because the right business numbers tell you the most important things about your business and, being on top of the big picture, financially, can be the difference between success and failure.

In the past we have always recommended to clients that they use, at the very least,  bookkeeping software to help with this. Usually, this has been desktop based and, while much better than the old paper based approach, did have some drawbacks.

In recent years’ accountancy software has moved on hugely and some have a much clearer focus on what the business owner needs.   Plus, if you have never been tempted to think about bookkeeping software, it might be time soon. The Government’s ‘Making Tax Digital’ agenda, means that over the next few years most businesses will need to start submitting some records quarterly for tax purposes. Most business owners will, at the very least, want their accountant to look over the submissions and check accuracy, before submission, so this change has the potential to be a lot of work for you, your accountant and have an impact on fees. The use of cloud based software has the potential to make it easier and quicker for you and your accountant to keep the workload manageable and your fees reasonable.

Whilst using the cloud software is generally straightforward, finding the right one for you and your business is much tougher because there are a lot in the market place right now and it’s very much ‘horses for courses’.

To help our clients (and others) we have put together our ‘’Top Ten Things To Think About When Choosing Cloud Accounting Software’’ before you buy. If you have clear answers to these questions you stand a much better chance of finding the right solution for your business and your pocket.

Plus, if you need any help, Robertson Associates Ltd can help you to narrow your search to get the best software to meet your needs. Just call us on 01324 633550 or email: .

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