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Building Inspiring Business

In September 2013 our family business was a bleak place to be, we were firmly under its control. We were working long and late hours and heading home exhausted. Holidays were things to be dreamed of, we had only had four weeks holidays each since we started the business in 2006. The business was successful in traditional terms, that is financially, however, in other ways it was not the business we dreamed of when we started.

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Since working with We Are Business Transformers Ltd our lives and business have been transformed:

  • After every meeting we regain more control over the business;
  • We have new ideas and are re-energised after our meetings;
  • We spend time daily improving our business;
  • We have all grown as people;
  • Our business has improved: and
  • We have fallen back in love with our business.

If you are fortunate enough to use We Are Business Transformers Ltd services I am certain you will be as delighted as I am.

Paul Bradford

Unlock Your Potential

Paul Bradford

Being a business owner can be a lonely position where you spend so much time working in the business and almost none on the business. As the boss you are accountable and answerable to yourself, which is great if you want an easy life, but for me it just isn’t challenging enough.

My monthly business transformation sessions with Martin allow me to openly discuss my business where I download the emotional and practical challenges I’m facing at the time. Martin will offer subjective questioning and challenges some of my thinking allowing me to come to clear conclusions but in a way that simply lifts the fog. How does he do it? I don’t know, but I do know that it works and works very, very well.

Since I started my coaching sessions with Martin my turnover, profitability, work life balance, happiness and enjoyment in what I do have all increased hugely and that’s no coincidence! I look forward to the sessions as I know that I will get professional guidance and have the time to air my thoughts and opinions in a forgiving, open environment.

I don’t want to give away my little secret, but its only fair to let you know that working with Martin has transformed my business and me as an individual making me a much happier person.

Maureen Bonner, Start with Touch Ltd/Holistic Clinic


Have a Better Relationship with yourself and your business!

Joe started working with us in 2018. His journey began as an accountancy client and the conversations in those initial accountancy meetings were so productive for Joe that he embarked on our TMQ structured coaching programme with Martin. Here’s how it benefited him!

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