Know Your Numbers

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"I found the ‘Know Your Numbers’ session with Martin to be hugely helpful and inspiring. I would highly recommend it to any business owner. The insights and clarity I got in that 90 minutes are exactly what I needed to propel me to the next level."

Geoff - Groweb Digital
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"Thank you so much for your time yesterday! It was really inspiring to see how a few small changes can make a massive difference. Really appreciate it! This spreadsheet will definitely come in handy too!"

Jenny - Sew Confident
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"A great session with Martin completing a ‘Know Your Numbers’ session and familiarisation with my business numbers. The session gave me fresh insight and also allowed me to set myself and the team new financial targets for the year ahead. I would recommend everyone takes advantage of this service. Martin provides a good business insight and offers more than just an accountant service."

Kimberly Guthrie - Kicks for Kids
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"Very informative workshop. There is something here for every business type, regardless of whether it is service or product based business. Interesting insights into the psychology of pricing. The big companies do this as a matter of routine. Very useful for the smaller business to help understand the thoughts of potential customers. Highly recommend this to business owners or anyone whose role is setting prices."

Dorothy Henke - Business Adviser, Ceteris Business Gateway
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"Excellent session Susanne! Very enjoyable, I must say I did not expect to enjoy a ‘Know your Numbers’ session anything like as much as I did! Feedback has been absolutely superb from the WIBs!"

Karen McKeating - Stirling Highland Hotel

Business Coaching

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"Having had a mentor 6 years previously, my expectation was based around the value and insight I gained from that experience. However, in the 3 months of having Martin as my mentor, I realised that he was on a totally different level.

  • Firstly, Martin is very well read in the best business books, so can leverage principles from them into sound input and highly relevant narrative. His knowledge and experience enables him to probe and challenge issues, in a non-threatening but action-orientated style, making you dig deep and think hard, not auto-respond. The benefit from doing so, creates far greater understanding and more value.
  • Secondly, following a structured, logical model, the meetings flow and due to this, Martin can suggest homework reading lists or action points, which expand on what we’ve covered, putting theory into practice and preparing for the next Mentoring session.
  • Third and finally, the benefits gained so far in working with Martin for only a short period of time, are noticeable and resulting in real, financial improvements in the business and have created greater quality and time, in my personal life. Without fail, I leave every session with Martin with my head buzzing, energy levels high, focussed and motivated to continue to get even better.

So in summary, if you are looking for a mentor or business coach, I can think of nobody better, more experienced and who takes a genuine interest in you, than Martin Robertson."

Joe Cairney - Director, Projects on Track Ltd
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"[Working with Martin] allowed me to be focused on working on my business instead of feeling trapped in it with no hours to spare, and over the year my turnover has more than doubled, I work less, I have time for new projects, business is exciting again, I wish I'd done this years ago!"

Maureen Bonner - Holistic Clinic Ltd
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"Refreshing. It provided me with a renewed focus on my business"

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"I feel very focussed and driven now with your ideas and strategies to increase the company profits and improve time management. I really believe that by the next meeting in 6 weeks I will have made drastic changes and begun implementing the strategies to improve my work / life balance. Thank you!"

Carri - ESC Packaging
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"Not only has our business improved we each feel that we are growing as people and that’s all thanks to Martins guidance. We end every meeting with Martin buzzing with new ideas and re-energized on the next step in driving Albion Mobility forward. We are now optimistic about our Businesses future and we are actually looking forward to being there and playing an active role in it, something we couldn’t have said last October.

Mentoring has changed our Business enormously and we can’t recommend using a Business Mentor highly enough, and if you are fortunate enough to be able to employ Martin Robertson we’re certain you will be as delighted as we are!"

Helena - Albion Mobility
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"Being a business owner can be a lonely position where you spend so much time working in the business and almost none on the business. As the boss, you are accountable and answerable to yourself, which is great if you want an easy life, but for me it just isn't challenging enough.

My monthly coaching sessions with Martin allow me to openly discuss my business where I download the emotional and practical challenges I'm facing at the time. Martin will offer subjective questioning and challenges some of my thinking allowing me to come to clear conclusions but in a way that simply lifts the fog. How does he do it? I don't know, but I do know that it works and works very, very well.

Since I started my business transformation sessions with Martin my turnover, profitability, work life balance, happiness and enjoyment in what I do have all increased hugely and that's no coincidence! I look forward to the sessions as I know that I will get professional guidance and have the time to air my thoughts and opinions in a forgiving, open environment.

I don't want to give away my little secret, but it’s only fair to let you know that working with Martin has transformed my business and me as an individual making me a much happier person.

I would recommend Martin's coaching sessions to anyone who wants to be happier with their business and their life in general. "

David - Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School
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"One of the biggest personal benefits was breaking down my aims / goals into small bite size chunks and then prioritising what needs to be done and in what order. This had a massive effect on me, the result being that I didn’t feel as overwhelmed as I did before, everything became achievable. This made me more productive and I made great progress with the business during our 7 sessions together. Overall it was a very positive experience, which helped me move forward with my business in ways I wouldn’t have achieved on my own."

Craig - Vivid Walls


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"Before becoming a client of Martin's I had been blissfully unaware of my 'real' financial position. Although Martin's advice was tough to hear and even tougher to take I'm delighted to report that we are now heading in the right direction.

Always a good sounding board for ideas and will give honest, fair advice no matter how random the idea.

Having been in business for 10 years and run 3 companies I would highly recommend Martin Robertson Associates Ltd for good strong advice and excellent service."

David Brice
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"Dealing with Martin and his colleagues is easy and efficient - always here to help. Great value and thoroughly professional."

Nick Dayman
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"Just a short note to thank you for your excellent services that you have once again provided for our company. Your advice throughout the year is invaluable and helps to keep us on the right track!

The friendly service from the staff, your willingness to see me at short notice - to correct the errors/balance the account makes my life so much easier and allows me to concentrate on the real business of getting sales and putting the work through the shop.

We are also grateful for the work you do in sorting out our personal taxation and keeping us abreast of the latest rules etc. I find your Regular newsletters and hints most helpful.

Please pass our thanks on to your staff and look forward to a long association."

W G MacDonald
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"An excellent service which covers all my business needs. No matter how trivial or extensive my query I always receive excellent service. I would recommend Martin and his team to anyone looking for a reliable, friendly and convenient service."

Kimberly Guthrie
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"I set up my company in 2007, I hadn’t used an accountant before, therefore had to trust my judgement in talking to various local practitioners. Martin came across as professional, knowledgeable and interested in my business. In the following years, Martin and his team have proven to be as above. I am satisfied that I have the best accountant in the area."

Joe McCormack - Scotland
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"I have been doing business with Martin Robertson Associates Ltd since 1998. They have acted as our Accountants and Business Advisor. They are trustworthy, competent and quick to respond. They provide a practical and balanced view of tax and accounting procedures."

Stuart Goldie
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"Your advice has been well placed and saved the business money. You and your staff are approachable and always deliver answers speedily. I have referred a number of my clients to you and I know that those clients have been pleased with your services"

Andrew Dawkins
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"I would like to say thanks for your time and commitment to mentoring me and undoubtedly helping my business grow over the last year. You've been great at pointing out and directing me about figures and cash flow,… making these small changes has made a huge difference. In regards to family business issues, I feel that the fact.. that you were a good listener, with … good key points and suggestions, helped me leaps and bounds . In respect of your NPL knowledge and mindset on this, you have created a winning and priceless combination for helping business grow and flourish"

Brian - JBR Roofing
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"We know that Martin and his team have always been there for us to assist and answer questions and that they do exactly what they say they will do in all instances, no matter whether it is returning a call with a niggling question or answering an email. It is good to know that our son now has now been encouraged and empowered to start on the road to achieving his dreams - safely, sensibly and with all the support he needs."

Jim Allison

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