How to Price Solutions -  What you get?

We work with you to explore your current pricing approach, look at what might be possible and the strategies to get there. We use practical tools and bring you up to speed, step by step.

Pricing Systemisation and Implementation

Working with you as part of your team to define, implement, test and measure your pricing strategy

Pricing Strategy and Training

Six sessions of around 2 hours where  we look at how you differentiate yourself, build and present your value as well as formulate your price and support you every step of the way with tools and training.

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Pricing Strategy

A two hour session looking at where you are now, what might be possible, your options and a clear action plan that will make a difference to your bottom line.

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Your Options in detail

Pricing Systemisation & Implementation

Pricing Strategy & Training

Pricing Strategy

Initial Assessment – understanding your business

Possibility analysis

Strategic pricing options

Prioritised pricing action plan

Your price discrimination strategy

Building your value

Presenting your value

Formulating your price

How to make your price seem smaller than it really is

Your power strategies

Regular accountability call

Pricing resources 

Business mentoring support

Unlimited phone and email support

Implement Pricing measurement system

Creating pricing brochure/proposals

Implement a cloud pricing system