Knowing you numbers sessions

Well, if so, we can help. Our very special ‘Know Your Numbers’ Sessions will help you get your business dashboard in order so you know where you are and where you are heading.

These are 60 minute one-to-one sessions over a coffee, with Martin, where he will ask you some questions about your business and at the end you will have a dashboard to get you motoring forward.

What You’ll Get

  • Full understanding of your business numbers for the year ahead
  • A Dashboard to track you figures
  • Confidence to managing your finance
  • Time with Martin who’s been in Business for over 20 years and has helped 100’s of clients understand their numbers and grow their business


  • Have reviewed what you currently spend on your lifestyle and thought about what you would like to be able to spend
  • Explore what your business would need to achieve for you to afford the better or more inspiring lifestyle
  • Pinpoint how many customers you need to achieve numbers that inspire you.
  • Clarity on where you are now, set you goals and help you focus on the customers you need to achieve inspiring numbers
  • A FREE Coffee!

We know that even one small tweak to your business numbers can have a big impact on your bottom line, on your life and on your goals. It’s time to make your business YOUR business.

Our risk free guarantee:

Because we are confident that we can make a difference to your business all of our services come with a 100% money back guarantee subject to terms and conditions. You have no financial risk what so ever.

Call us on 01324 309 017 to book your Know Your Numbers session or book here

We only offer 1 session per week so to be sure of getting your ‘ Know Your Numbers’ slot, worth £147, absolutely FREE!

* Terms and Conditions – Face to Face sessions within 45 minutes of Falkirk. Skype and FaceTime available for further afield.


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